Jamison A.
Born: April 30, 2004
Illness: ALL - Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
Quilt Deadline: September 1, 2009
Theme of Quilt: Race Cars

The following interests are mainly to help you get to know the child better.
You may use what you can towards the theme of the quilt, but make sure that you stitch within the theme. 

Jamison's interests are: sports, superheroes, games, crafts, cooking, cars. his favorite color changes daily, likes them all!  Jamison lives in IN.

Click here to see the squares for Jamison as they come in for him!  (Please keep in mind that his quilt wasn't opened to stitchers until March 2009)

Our four year old son, Jamison, was diagnosed with Leukemia right before Christmas, on the 19th of December 2008. We are beginning our journey to get Jamison back to being a healthy little boy!

This is where our story begins. Jamison, like many children, was battling with what we thought was a bad cold and cough. After numerous trips to the doctor and several medications, we were still very concerned that he was not getting better. The doctor then prescribed a steriod and thought that would take care of it. Well, as a parent you feel like you are crazy taking your child again and again to the doctor, but try to be patient for the healing. After a week of the steriod, and a follow up visit scheduled for Monday, the 22nd of December, we just couldn't wait to get him back to see the Doctor. So, we decided to try and get him in to see the Doctor on Friday, the 19th. And so we did.

After questioning the Doctor about certain symptoms, the doctor recommended drawing blood for testing. The Doctor seemed confident that there was no cause for alarm and told us that her office would contact us with the results of the blood test by the end of the day. It was then only a few hours after we left the Dr.'s office that we got the most difficult phone call ever!

Please keep our beautiful little boy in your thoughts and prayers.

Written by Jamison's mom in February 2009
Please see the following page before making your pattern selection for Jamison. It is a listing of his current patterns that are being stitched already.

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